17, SPM an he found himself in writing everytime the papers and the pens meet

© Skin by kenriken basecodes by atiqah jaidin. Image from . Do tell me if I do not credit yours.
Freebies :- Background
Sunday, 29 July 2012 | 2 Comments

 Dengan nama Allah ang lagi pemurah lagi maha Penyayang 

Say Alhamdulillah after iftar ., Assalamualaikum,lately I have posted 2 entry in English right ? Why ? Actually just for fun and maybe for improve my English . Tonight,Im so excited to give you my first BG freebies. \M/

Its actually looks like a paper . Or a book . Like our ordinary notebook / Buku garsi satu . Very simple background but I hope you will love it . Credit to me  ∩__∩ 

Do not stealling and ripping ╯︿╰ ! Please comment if you take it  ∩__∩