17, SPM an he found himself in writing everytime the papers and the pens meet

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Teenagers Life of Me
Monday, 1 April 2013 | 0 Comments


Assalamualaikum ,its me again,in the same blog . hoho . Its raining outside,I just can hear the raindrops falling on the rooftop . Noise , and its call life . Teenagers life of me .

People learned , then they changed because they know what they must do in life,sometimes its hard to move on to something positive cuz you know,no one with you . But there was  nothing possible in life . Kun Fa Ya Kun , just believe that line .

I'm trying to be a better me everyday,a good me everyday but yah,its just like a dream that never come true .
Its April already and I'm still sleeping . Sleeping soundly with the beautiful dream . I must wake up ! Life is going on , I cant be like this anymore , someone must wake me up . 

There is more everyday,and I must be more powerful and strong enough to bring it on . Sorry for the bad english , IDGAF for those who judge me,Im who Im . Assalamualaikum ,good night from me - Me