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happy national bestfriends day
Monday, 8 June 2015 | 0 Comments

hi assalamualaikum ,
if youre reading this , that means I have done performing my maghrib solah and its not funny hahahhaha

ok , here the things ,
i know the hashtag #happybestfriendsnationaldays doesnt have to make me sad and depressed but it just did as Im not getting any from anyone lol . i am fragile . the internet is a little bit slow now , i notice it will be slow during 9-10 and very fast during 4-5 pm in evening . ok continue our main reason , why im updating this .

i have this mess in my head about moving back to the old school and end everything in my new one , i know right , it was a stupid action if I did , but if I dont , it still gives me a lot of problems to bear. for examples , money . i have nothing to say about this , we are lacking of money , i can't stand myself seeing opah giving away her money and shes struggling at home only cooks nasi goreng for her to eat . no

friends , friends issues are getting worse and everything can be blamed on me , i create one as I am so fragile as fuck . one thing about me , I can share you foods , things , money , everything , but one thing I cant is , love .

I don't know , i really can't share someone I love with other people

so if youre reading this , i might be there or move out , but no matter what it is , I love each of you , 4sigma 5miu A11 D7 and 30th . You give so much to remember , too many .

from raja to hana to myra back to raja to hana then myra . you guys give me endless pain for missing you , to long for you and to hate you ....................................

I can't mention all my bestfriends here , because there so many , I couldnt tell you but I can feel them , right here at my right atrium . hahahahhahahha :')

dear friends,if im not there for this 2 upcoming weeks,that means , im moved . if i do come back , that means , i choose the pain over my freedom . okay . last but not least #nationalbestfriendsday to all bainunians ass 4sigma15 5miu15 D7 A11 #ggb #teenagers #internetfriends megat x fareeq x syamir x danial haikal x maman x rafiq x yas x al x syazani x myra x mimi x irfan x jep x bambang x radzmin x pali x ucop x fuck banyak babi nya